Demand Driven Acquisition and Market Research

This week I went in early to learn more about Profit and Loss sheets because those things are confusing to beginners! After I understood that, or rather, we ran out of time, the lesson begun with our homework task.

We had to choose a book and decide what to say to buyers to persuade them to sell it to bookshops. For this, I learned that information given to a buyer should only be a could of paragraphs in length and include information that has not already been provided- This is something I did not know before doing the task.

Demand Driven Acquisition 

Soo… What is Demand Driven Acquisition? After a bit of research and discussing it in class, I now know that it is a method which provides students and staff with access to more resources, whilst maximising the Library’s expenditure. This benefits the libraries and the consumers, but publishers worry that they will be losing money as less libraries will be ordering and buying books right away. More information about this can be found at: [Accessed: 03/11/15] [Accessed: 03/11/15] [Accessed: 03/11/15]

Market Research

In the second half of the lesson, we focused on market research and its importance. We discussed the difference between quantitative and qualitative data and then, in groups, produced a questionnaire on Survey Monkey. This was aimed at students, as most of the class chose to aim it at lecturers. It’s focus was to gather their responses to enhanced e-textbooks which is a generally unexplored area amongst academic publishers, but an avenue that could potentially take off in the future.


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