Images in Cover Design


Laura Carlin

Illustration by Laura Carlin

Today Becky begun the class by showing us many techniques and mediums artists might use to produce the image of a cover such as embroidery, screen printing, illustration and photography, among many others!

She also informed us that you can pay from around £3- £1000 for an image, but there are some websites that offer many cheap images too such as They can be downloaded as a free comp image with a watermark on first which allows you to  experiment with it before deciding to buy it. This led us  on to different types of licencing, which I was interested to hear about. We were informed that publishers can’t always afford to buy the Rights Managed licencing where no one else can use the image, they will only usually do this if the book will be a huge success.


We were also introduced to Photoshop, I have used it only a couple of times in the past so it was really useful to have a step-by-step guide on how to cut out shapes with the lasso tool and add a background.


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