Working with Type

Franz Kafka

It’s fascinating that a certain font can make us associate different things to it. Becky begun the lesson by showing us a range of fonts and asked ‘what does this font say to you?’. She then showed us what book covers they were used on (everyone got the one from Twilight) and also showed us how the same font can be used in varying ways. My favourite cover was Metamorphosis by Kafka.

She also showed us the finishes that can be applied to the covers, such as spot UV, foil, holafoil, super matte, glossy, emboss, deboss and dye-cutting.

TIP: When typesetting it is advised to do the first two pages to begin with and then once you are sure about all of the settings then the whole book can be done as this will save a lot of time. Also, it is good to look to see that these fonts have the option to put the type in bold and in italics, to prevent complications later on down the line.

Some typographers also add more symbols or letter options in the Glpyth panel of InDesign so these are also useful to check. The space between letters, the height can also be manipulated in this program, which is something we experimented with in class, I have also added these new terms to my Glossary.

In typesetting it is good practice to change any inch marks to quotation marks, otherwise this looks unprofessional.

Some Cover Finishes

Cover laminate– gloss or matte laminate prodides high sheen finish
Dye cut-
where part of the paer is cut away to reveal what is underneath
can be added over or underneath colour or other finishes
foil blocking-
used to print foil on clothbound hardbacks
Foil stamping-
can be added to softcover and hardcover books, involves making a custom metal dye, heating the dye and making an impression. Can also do this without colour (blind emboss)
Matte laminate
– feels softer but more likely to show marks
Screen printing– can be used for fine detail and large fill areas
Spot uv– used to apply a glossy finish, usually used on matte lamination background
Sprayed edges- egdes of pages sprayed
Super matt-
very velvety, colours stand out above
Uncoated-used to give classic feel, rough texture


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