In this week’s session we had a guest speaker, Ness Wood. She is a book designer with over 20 years experience and is currently working on her PhD. She has designed many popular books such as A Boy and a Bear and a Boat and Dog Loves Books.

She talked us through the process of how she collaborates with other people to design books. Later she showed us the slight differences that are made to a cover from a hardback to a paperback. As paperbook’s are made for the mass market they usually have to appeal to a wider audience so the covers are usually changed.Lionheart

Our task was to design our own hardback version of Lionheart by Richard Collingridge, already out in paperback (left). I chose an image of the boy and the lion as the story begun. I decided to add a colour at the top which then faded out, this was so that the title could stand out more. I decided to use a serif font to give it a more classic look and only used colours for the text that were already on the image, as below.



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