Today Becky talked to us about the importance of composition, rule of thirds, and fibonacci spiral when considering images.Fibonacci_spiralWe we also given a task to assign text the a selection of images we were provided. This is what I came up with. I used fontsquirrel to find the fonts I needed.

The View of the CascadeCascade I chose this font because it was simple and clear so it would contrast well against a busy background. I would probably put the text in while and put a darker glow behind it so that the text is not hidden in the picture. An Illustrated HistoryDanceI chose classic, hand-written font for this image as the movement and the poka-dot dress looks vintage, especially as it is in black and white. Demons Flight 2DemonFor this, I chose text that went well with the image. The distressed look of the text and the extra lines and splodges of in is similar to the embers flying of this image of a burning man.
The Greatest FeelingGreatFeelingThis old-fashioned illustration of a woman has some darker outlines in some places, which is why this text would go well with it. They both also look light-hearted together.
POPPopThis image required bubble writing that looks like it is also ready to pop!
Morning DawnMorningFor this image, I chose the same font as ‘The Greatest Feeling’ to show how the same font can work for different images. This is also a light image and the text would compliment it well. I would probably place it in the top section of the image and colour it in dark blue to match the bottom of the image. Space Cats


This design looks as though it would feature on the front of a children’s book because of the scribbly design and the happy cat-like character at the bottom. This is why I chose a fun text to go with it.

In the class, I went on to design a full cover, using some of the images from the front design on the spine and back cover (below). I looked at other book covers online to see where the text, price and icons are placed. I also decided to put the strapline on the front, so it could be seen against the dark background. The only problem with this cover is that the writing on the spine is the wrong way round, so this would need to be changed if it was going into print.PAPERBACK indes.jpg


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