Designing Interior Layouts

Martin Brown
Today, Becky begun by showing us some page layouts. Lesser Spotted Animals, illustrated by Martin Brown really stood out to me as the text and images worked really well together and they were positioned incredibly. I  then went on to watch a funny video of him when I got home of when he performed at Bath Festival of Children’s literature in 2011.

In class, we learnt more useful information about how to use InDesign such as the links pallatte and how to check the the actual and effective PPI/ DPI as we need it to be 300+ dpi so that is good enough quality to print. sh

Also learned more of the principles of typesetting such as turning off hyphen
ation and aligning the text to left justify, and setting up a fiction template in InDesign.  We also did a proofreading exercise without looking the symbols- surprisingly not as encrypted as I first thought, in Lianne’s class.



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