Genre of the Week- Graphic Novel

graphic novelThis is my favourite design so far. I also presented it to the class to show what book I had analysed this week. Persepolis is a memoir and graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, about growing up during the Islamic revolution

The typography on the wrap around is worn away but also capitalised which highlights the past but also the importance of this novel. It is a hardback book and the sleeve has a matte finish with spot uv cover on the design of the book, the title and the picture. Normally, this would be fairly inexpensive for the publisher but as the title is printed on the hardback and spine itself in foil, this would have inured further production costs.

graphic novel2

All of the images inside are black and white and they help to explain the plot, and emotions of the characters. The space is also divided up differently, this usually depends on what is trying to be portrayed in that section. For example, the elongated image in the bottom right-hand corner has the caption ‘I wanted to be justice, love and the wrath of God all in one.’ and this is a very good way of showing that.

The book is a standard a-format size and the author and illustrator of this book is Marjane Satrapi. The jacket designer is Jean- Christopher Menu andd the book was published by Penguin Random House (formally Random House).


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