Marketing Materials?

AtlantikaI really enjoy all of the creative things Becky shows us, even one’s that aren’t directly related to publishing as it is good to see how other businesses promote their work. For example, this week she showed us images of some chip forks boxed in a three-dimensional trawle by a fishing company called Atlantika (right).

We were shown different marketing materials created from publishers such as Palgrave Macmillan Education and Random House Children’s Publishers. They resembeled the book in some way, whether it was colour scheme or the imagry . We were the given a breif from Palgrave to create a marketing advert, using a specific swatch and icons etc., for a big title from the politics list. My design is below, I decided to keep in simple and well-organised. I also looked at Palgrave’s tumblr page for ideas.  I begun by adding a background that made the book stand out and then added the rest of the text. I changed the colour and weight of the text until I was happy with it and organised the text in the order I thought seemed most appropriate.


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