Guest Speaker- Introduction to Publishing


It was beneficial to hear to what she had to say, especially as the publisher also prints magazines with gifts, mugs and toys. She begun by saying that safety and sustainability were the two most important things. They have to make sure they print on sustainable resources as they are socially and ethically responsible. I was glad to know that’s it’s something publisher’s consider. They are have to check the substances they put in their books, such as the ink and the glue, to make use its safe, especially when considering board books which have a ‘play value’. This is not something I had really thought about before, I just assumed they were printed and shipped back to the UK to be sold but it’s reassuring to hear that they safety test all of their books.

Although they are one of the biggest specialised children’s book publishers in the UK, they don’t focus on new media products… This is because they have done their research. Apparently, a better bond is created when a parent reads to and with a child that on a digital platform.

Anna also discussed the different finishes that can be printed onto a book, and the ways in which they create a different effect depending on how these are layered. For example, Black ink must go on last, if you put orange over to top, that will go green! This had happened to one of the books she showed us. She also passed around some others and described problems that they have encountered. One was that the printer no longer did that type of ink so there was a slight colour change in the re-print. It was interesting to learn what mistakes happen and how these are rectified, by talking to management, informing the client, and discussing with printers.

As technology advances, we were informed that now an automatic stock replenishment can now be set up between the printer and the warehouse. This is so that if a certain book goes below a certain threshold, it will be re-printed automatically until they are otherwise informed, which means less hassle for the editors, which is great news!


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